About Us

Mission Statement

“Helping companies win by revolutionizing the way their customers explore, discover and connect with their offerings”

Owner’s Message

“Over the last 30 years, our team has been dedicated to improving how customers find and connect with products. As AI technology grew, we saw the importance of understanding customer preferences. With our approach, we help boost customer loyalty and make your inventory management more efficient. Simply put, when customers have a great experience discovering products on your platform, they’re more likely to return.”

Our Team

Bharat Vijay

Founder & CEO

ex Yahoo, Amazon, Sumeru, Ambertag

Christopher Sandman

Co-Founder, Board Member


Kyle Norton

Co-Founder, Board Member, Sales Strategist

Co-Founder & Board Member, Wharton MBA, Ex-McKinsey

Anu Mahal

Program partner leader

Global Fashion Expert & Collaborative Partner Dev Leader

Jayant Vijayaraghavan

VP – Product Management

10+ years in Retail Industry

Arghya Sanyal

Principal Technologist

10+ years in AI Industry

Our Advisors

Dr. Amar Ray


Anand Ramani

SVP, Anumana

Phu Hoang


Tirto Adji

Nakhoda Ventures

Rama Bethmangalkar


Ritesh Kumar

Client Strategy & Collaboration