Elevating E-Commerce Across Diverse Sectors

At UNISENSE, we’re your e-commerce partner, utilizing AI to transform online retail in various sectors, from Fashion Apparel to Health and Beauty, Health and Wellness, Electronics, Groceries, Healthcare, Real Estate and Travel

E Commerce

At UNISENSE, we’re your e-commerce partner, harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize online retail in diverse sectors. From Fashion Apparel to Health and Beauty, Health and Wellness, Electronics, and Groceries, we empower businesses to excel in the digital marketplace.

In Fashion Apparel, we elevate the online shopping experience, utilizing AI-driven solutions to ensure customers discover and purchase their perfect style effortlessly.

For Health and Beauty e-commerce, UNISENSE optimizes product offerings, guiding customers to make informed choices, leading to healthier and more beautiful lives.

In Health and Wellness e-commerce our AI technology enables personalized well-being solutions, providing insights and products that support a healthier lifestyle.

In Electronics e-commerce, we guide tech enthusiasts to the latest innovations, simplifying product choices and enhancing the online electronics shopping experience.

And in Groceries e-commerce, we transform the way customers shop for essentials, offering tailored product recommendations and streamlining the online grocery shopping journey.

At UNISENSE, we understand that in the world of e-commerce, AI-driven insights and solutions are the keys to success. We help you understand customer preferences, optimize product listings, and drive growth in these dynamic and competitive online markets."

Health Care

At UNISENSE, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we combine your data with cutting-edge generative AI, including LLMs and image-based technology. With these powerful tools, we craft customized sensing solutions that address your specific challenges. Discover our Solutions.

Cardiology Solutions: UNISENSE is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge solutions in the cardiology field. Our expertise in this space improves patient outcomes

Patient and Provider Solutions: UNISENSE proudly collaborates with FITTO to deliver patient-centric and provider-focused solutions. Our innovative technology enhances the patient experience while simplifying provider discovery, resulting in improved healthcare access and communication. FITTO is just one example of how Unisense is revolutionizing healthcare interactions

Mental Wellness Behavioral Engine: UNISENSE's behavioral engine extends its reach to the critical realm of mental wellness. Our AI-powered solutions empower individuals to access personalized support, fostering better mental well-being. UNISENSE believes that technology can play a pivotal role in promoting mental health, and our behavioral engine is leading the way in this endeavor.

Real Estate Solutions

UNISENSE leverages AI to improve the real estate industry, tailoring offerings to match shopper personas. Our technology ensures that prospective buyers and renters find their ideal properties more efficiently, streamlining the real estate journey.

Travel Entertainment

UNISENSE enhances the travel experience through AI-driven solutions that cater to unique shopper personas. Whether you’re planning a getaway or business trip, our technology optimizes travel choices, making every journey memorable and hassle-free.


“The older products would get sidelined and because of UNISENSE all products were getting queries. Their commitment and incredible responsiveness has given us immense pleasure to work with them. “
Roopa Reddy
CEO, House of Blouse
“We never knew which type of customer would like what type of product. Once we integrated UNISENSE, we were able to promote all our brands better and we started selling as the visibility increased.”
Mittali Puri
CEO, Kamakhya